Bout of Books Updates: Days 1-4

So I’m dividing my Bout of Books blogging for this round into two parts: days 1-4 and then days 5-7, because on Friday (aka day 5) I’m leaving for a long weekend to go visit my brother in Chicago, and I won’t be able to post any updates until I get back. I’m not expecting to get a ton of reading done while I’m there, but I’ll probably at least do a little plane reading, and I still want to participate in the readathon even if it’s only a teeny tiny bit.

Now for my days 1-4 updates!

I’m honestly pretty impressed with my reading this week so far; I really wasn’t sure how much I would get done, but I was able to jumpstart the week on day 1 since I was off work that day. Mixing up my reading between physical books, audiobooks, and ebooks has also been helpful, as has the discovery of a new series that I’ve gotten really into (the Fortuna Sworn series, which I heard about on Booktok as a recommendation for ACOTAR fans). Most surprising to me is probably the fact that I finished 1 book each on the first 3 days of the readathon, which pretty much never happens for me (to be fair, I’d started them all prior to the readathon, but still!).

Fortuna Sworn (Fortuna Sworn, #1)The UnhoneymoonersHow the Blessed Live

Day 1

Books started: None

Books finished: The Unhoneymooners

Pages read: 225 pages of Fortuna Sworn, 31 pages of How the Blessed Live

Audiobook time: 4 hours of The Unhoneymooners

Battle Royal (Palace Insiders #1)Restless Slumber (Fortuna Sworn, #2)

Day 2

Books started: Battle Royal, Restless Slumber

Books finished: Fortuna Sworn

Pages read: 18 pages of Fortuna Sworn, 22 pages of Restless Slumber, 20 pages of Battle Royal, 40 pages of How the Blessed Live

Day 3

Books started: None

Books finished: How the Blessed Live

Pages read: 50 pages of How the Blessed Live, 40 pages of Battle Royal

Day 4

Books started: None

Books finished: None

Pages read: 15 pages of Battle Royal

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